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Frodo is wandering through Hobbiton on his way somewhere, when suddenly
he decides to pick up a brick and throw it through a window.

“Argh” says the person inside. “That Evil Halfling threw a brick at me!”

“Well?” says someone else inside, “Throw it back then.” and indeed, the
brick comes sailing out of the window and thwacks Frodo square on the
arm, and bounces harmlessly onto the grass.

“‘E’s not even hurt!” cries the voice, and starts throwing logs, more
bricks, and heavy stuff at Frodo. All to no avail, however, for it all
bounces off him without any harm done.

“Argh!” shouts the voice “It don’t do no good” it continued, lacking in
grammer, “No matter what I throw, it don’t seem to harm him at all”

“Well of course not,” replied the second voice.

“Everyone knows bad hobbits are hard to break”

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