Dark Light

No Deadlines.

No meets, no deadlines, no angst, no depression, no panic.

No bills, no final demands.

no flamewars.

Everything is calm. Relaxing. Still.

Outside my window is silence, even the normal bustle and noise of the city has left me for the time being. I have left the world, and the world has left me. I make a cup of tea with the aid of a computer program (Which reminds me when the tea is ready, and stops the normal problem) and I am floating on a sea of silence. I have a book. I have me.

Tomorrow I have to help interview a client. I have to learn the lines for a play, I have to fix my win98 disk, I will have to go shopping for milk, and I may have to do laundry. But that is the future, and if there is one thing insanity taught me, it is to savour the times you don’t have to do anything at all.

And, just for right now, I don’t.

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