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OK, missed yesterday dispite being online most of it. Found nasty pictures of me online (there is a link on Aquarionics somewhere 🙂
Reguler viewers will notice that we are now about 400% faster, due to a slight re-design (most of the pictures had some of their colours confiscated). In addition, and in case you hadn’t noticed, Aquarionics is joining in the fine tradition of Webrings, and a couple have their buttons on the left. Also around are the “I support this” type buttons reminding people not to pinch my graphics or design (though why you would want to isn’t clear) and reminding me not to be nasty to people in my blog.

Technically this happened before the redesign, but it was a matter of hours before, and I forgot to add them and/or create the buttons until now.

Otherwise life carries on regardless. I spent Sunday (yesterday) at work, chatting on IRC and loading paper into the printer. Then I made a screwup (the kind that is compounded because you didn’t realise it was going wrong) and now I have to explain nicely to my boss why we may have to reprint 4000 slips of paper.


Anyhue, I am currently working on a new page to review things. Could be fun 🙂

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