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  1. My MP3 player cannot connect to the computer, thus I am stuck to the tunes I put in there three months ago.
  2. “Turn the ECP Paralell Port to an EPP” says the Tech Support guy (Who wrote the software, and is therefore Good). So I do.
  3. Windows autodetects my new motherboard and all componants.


    I don’t *have* a new motherboard. This is not going to be good.

  4. Windows refuses to start up unless it’s just come from Safe Mode.
  5. Windows refuses to start up. At All. Except in Safe Mode.


  6. Use Safe Mode to backup all user files on C: to D:
  7. Reboot to Messydos.
  8. c:windows>cd D:
    d:>format C:
    All data on non-removable drive C: will be lost! Are you sure you want to do this (You moron)? (Y/y)
    d:>cd win98
  9. Windows setup runs. Feed it install stuff, then I go out to buy a lavalamp
  10. I come back to find: Windows cannot read the system files from the CD, please clean it with a damp cloth.” All very well, except it’s installing from the FUCKING HARD DRIVE.
  11. Swear
  12. Repeat above until bored
  13. Reboot.
  14. Insert Win98 Boot Disk (*always* have a boot disk)
  15. “Invalid System Disk. Please replace and try again”


  16. Reboot to Linux
  17. Wonder who I can get a boot disk from
  18. Make phone calls.
  19. Stick in Linux until tomorrow. Bugger.
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