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So, the current plan:

Currently, I am living in a trumped-up bedsit on the outskirts of Bedford town centre, which is a) expensive, b) dull, c) far. I am working at Those who Evolve, and will be until Januaryish, when I will quit. (Again. I have been asked to stay on for a little while longer, which I am doing).

The future plan is to save up for a little while, move to Cambridge, find a new job (Preferably before I starve. Better still: before I move) and find a new reason for existence that won’t either kill or crush me. Then, armed with only a paper blanket and a book of fourteenth century predictions of flying cars, I will defeat the ancient evil that has been enslaving us for generations1, and return to find myself crowned as the one true king of all England.


[1] Myspace

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