Ye gods and small furry animals, I didn't realise it had been…

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Ye gods and small furry animals, I didn’t realise it had been quite so long.

OK, Events of the past week, Lesson 101 in Life’s University:


My results from University came in. I passed everything. It was time for a stock take of my education, what do I want to do?

Some background: I passed every single GCSE exam I took, and failed every A-Level written (Excluding General Studies, which doesn’t count, and Computing, which got me half an E (it was an A/S level, and thus worth half an A-Level)

This is, as the FAQ says, because all British A-Level exams are mostly judged on Essays, and i have no illusions about my essay style.
My writing style is a problem. I have a “chatty” style. This means that I can amuse and entertain (occasionally), and that my Usenet posts, Stories, letters and this sort of thing (i.e, Blogging) are well received, but in Essay writing this style is frowned upon highly. This means I fail essays, but pass practical exams with flying colours.

If examinations were in whether or not the candidate could do what is asked, instead of writing about the doing in a manor that is pleasing to the examiner, I would pass. However, it is not. And I fail essays.

The (BTEC) Higher National Diploma (HND) I am studying now is worth less than a BSc (degree), but is measured on the ability to do the work rather than the fancy writing. This is why I continue to do well. I have the option this year of transferring to the degree course. I am not sure how good I would be in a degree, and it is highly possible that I could do this well in the HND, and then screw up the BSc totally and end up next year where I was last year, i.e, trying to find a job or a place at a(nother) uni when I have almost no qualifications. I am confidant that if I were given an interview, I could convince most uni’s to let me in, but these days all applicants are judged on statistics. and my numbers are not good.

(Working for five years as the Technical Contact for a school library, and two as the same sort of thing for an entire company seems not to be worth a hell of a lot. Experience is not looked at, numbers are)

This means I may end up absorbing the ridicule at Sunderland for another year studying the HND, on the basis that at the end of this I can use that to get a (better) place at another (better) university (which is closer to home. Though that isn’t difficult, and further from home and I would need a boat of some kind).

So now I am filling in forms for my Student Loan. Fun.


The weekend was the Paddock Wood Carnival 2000. A more mediocre event you could not possibly imagine. Even the floats this year were not very creative.


I’m failing to get anything done on Project -ANN-, the idea is there and is germinating. Lets see what happens, shall we? Other than that the Rainbow Saga is entering a new phase, I have an idea where to take it, and any day now I might post some of the chapters that didn’t make it as an idea. Worlds Apart (my David Eddings Fanfic) part 3 is also in development. I have the prologue and the ending written, and Chapter One (of 5, one of which is the ending) is onto it’s second draft. The reason I wrote the end first is to stop myself going of at a tangent. As it stands now, it just might work.


Resisting the parental wish for me to get a better, higher paid, regular, job, I am still working at TMS designing & updating websites, and telling them how the computers work. The company are also changing accounts packages at the end of the month, so I have to redo the invoices, which is good for me ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m fine. I had to tidy my room to find my mobile, This was done by sorting everything into piles on the bed. When I did that I realised the phone must be somewhere else. Like under the bed.


Anyway, I have it now, and whether it is working after it’s brief holiday, I had better wait and see.


(yes, these links are getting more and more flaky ๐Ÿ™‚
The ClareCraft Discworld Event is in T minus 8 days. This week I have been Designing T-Shirts, searching webpages, designing Webpages for it, collating data, knowlage, information and wisdom of what to bring. It boils down to this: Chocolate, Clothes, Water-pistols, Chocolate, Me, Money, Chocolate. The theme is Lords and Ladies, so I suppose I could find a costume and go as a witch.

Which brings me to the end of the update ๐Ÿ™‚ *please* fill in the Poll above. It really does help ๐Ÿ™‚

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