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Welcome to the Aquarion News Network. You join us at a tense time for all involved. All involved does, at the moment, include me, myself and I. There are things I would love to share, to put down, to place in care of the website for the delectation of all who stumble accross my little home away from home in Cyberspace. Yet I fear I cannot. For reasons that will become obvious to those who know, I cannot mention it here, so I leave you to your normal diet of semi-litterate whimsy:

Christmas is coming, and the dogs are getting Cats. Shopping has been done (at far to high an expense as ever) Both for family (Books, CD’s, Games and Toys) and Me (TMBG CD) And now I sit in my personal penthouse suite somewhere in the centre of Kent in a very AFPish mood, Eating Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and drinking Pisang Ambon & Orange Juice. Meanwhile the world tumbles into chaos around me, Companies screw up orders, and people I have known for years suddenly spring annoucements on me that knock me speechless. Oh yes, and the reading of my story (Around below) is now proven to send babies to sleep. Is this A Good Thing? I dunno.

Reading the above, it is probably worth my while to stop eating raw coffee for a bit, since it seems to be aggravating Butterfly Syndrome, and making my spelling worse than ever, So I shall leave you now. Night!

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