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Shortly (as in, 15 minutes) after the last entry, I left for the sunny environs of Cambridge, where I was late. The fact that I was half a hour late for my own Birthday party should not in any way be seen as anything to do with my general organisational skills, although the fact I manageed to pick the only day when the pub I selected had a live band on could be.

I’m currently sesting my touchtyping skills by typing this while watching lonecat sleep in the bed just a few short metres from wher I’m sittin, which is far more interesting than watching the diary 🙂

Anyway, we got to the pub, we played Jenga (Geek Style, photos soon), drank, ate chocolate, got a present (lonecat tied up in a bow, which was cute 🙂 ana card, ana drink, an hugs, anstuff.

I’ll link to the meet report when it arrives, basically we went from pub to pub to resturant to crash-space to fudge-shop to resturant to pub, then crashed with Ccooke, who wanted to discuss some stuff about a website with us. Crashed, spent day in Cambs, went home. Here I am :-). Amusing anecdotes at some point in the future.

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