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As has previously been noted, Verisign are, unfortunatly, fuckwits. (That was part of a Googlebomb, but you can go to Verisign dot com if you prefer). For anyone who has ever tried to change some details about a website, you will have seen the way Network Solutions did, and Verisign do, do it. It involves filling text fields on a form which has to have been sent from the right address (of the registra, which is on their whois record). Oh, it has to be more complicated than that, you’d think. There must be some sort of double safety check in place…

Apparently there isn’t. Doesn’t that make you feel safe?

Damn lies

Successful server requests: 284,822
Distinct hosts served: 10,630 Hosts
Distinct hosts served: in last 7 days 881 Hosts
Who are you people? Why do you come here? It’s scary

Most active referrer URL: http://www.google.com/search
Aha, you come here looking for something else. What do you come looking for?

Search Terms:
1: lemmings 121 4.57%

egyptian hyrogliphics	35	1.32%
declamation				29	1.10%
osama binladen jokes	15	0.57%
haikiu poems			6	0.22%
candle torture			6	0.22%

Okay, it’s better than what once was there, like “Pebbledashing” and “Bondage bitch fight” from a couple of years ago. And at least Aquarionics isn’t the #1 googlematch for ‘Fuckwitted’ anymore

aquarionics 14 0.52%
aquarion 7 0.27%
So, at least I’m in there somewhere

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