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Day Zero: Aquarion loses his Halifax bank card (1) whilst in Cambridge. He reports it as lost.

Aquarion is sad.

Day Five: Aquarion gets a new bank card (2). He activates and signs it.

Day Seven: Someone phones Halifax with the old bank card (1). Halifax cancel the new bank card (2).

Day Eight: Aquarion attempts to get some cash out of an ATM. This fails, and his card is retained. Aquarion learns of the events of day Seven, and is not happy. Halifax deign to give him some of the money from his account in cash form, and issue a new bank card.

Aquarion is Miffed.

Day Ten: Aquarion gets a new bank card (3). He activates and signs it.

Day Eleven: Aquarion attempts to use the bank card at a supermarket. This fails, though he gets to keep his card this time. Aquarion learns that when they cancelled card (2), they also reset his PIN.

Aquarion is Upset.

Aquarion is of the opinion that if you’re going to do this, you should FUCKING MENTION IT AT SOME FUCKING POINT. And says this, paraphrased. Aquarion asks when he will receive his new PIN.

Halifax explain that with the postal strike, they really can’t forecast that.

Aquarion is Angry.

  1. My bank went through a phase of always resetting the PIN, even when I knew it hadn’t been compromised, and then requiring that I take the new card in to the branch so they could verify I had been sent it, before they would post out the the PIN. This is a very tedious thing indeed. Why can’t they allow me to specify a PIN of my choice at the branch?

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