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I spent yesterday (Saturday) wandering around London trying to find the Apple Shop so I could get them to replace the exploding power adaptor. For some reason, I was absolutly convinced it was on Tottenham Court Road, instead of Regent Street, so that was about four hours wandering around London in extreme heat.

I’d forgotten how much fun wandering around Covent Garden peoplewatching is, though. And no, Covent Garden is not on the way to either Regent Street or TCR, so some of the wandering time is my fault.

The Apple Store is a massive temple to all things iCool, carefully designed to show you why you want a shiny, shiny mac. There was someone doing a demo of Garageband in the theatre. What I wanted, though, was the Genius bar, except that by the time I got to the store – at about 1pm – the next place in the queue wasn’t until 17:05 at least. I took it, drained the very last of my battery in a Cafee Nero whining about the heat on IRC and decided that if I was going to watch Dr Who I was going to have to miss the appointment, so I bought a spare power supply (because a spare power unit will be Handy once the old one works. This is a mantra I will repeat to myself often in the next few minutes/hours/days, until the shock of the price wears off) then buggered off home.

Dr Who was neat, wasn’t it?

Today was Very Hot Indeed. Fortunately the only time I had to go out was to get some milk, which involved walking around half of Letchworth, which apparently has a milk shortage. Fortunately – again – I have a Silly Hat and Sunglasses, so I made it back without melting. Home has (since yesterday) a shiny, shiny fan, airflow and ice-cream. Parents arrived, we went for a drink, and since they left I have spent a moderately long time doing very little.

An ideal weekend, really.

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