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I decided to start playing with windows seven amnesty by speech systems, it comes to conclusion that what I should not do is to do the corrections are anything but a suppose something with a stream of consciousness and exactly as I am saying it’s exactly how is this translates into recognised speech.

This is not strictly fair, because I’ve given this next to no training and despite this it appears to be picking up what I’m saying quite well. + Finding the accessibility features of are you to be really helpful in this regard. I’m not quite sure why you picked ” are you” instead of I.e. It doesn’t appear to deal with initialization so well either.

Certainly in my be good for first after documentation but anything technical a it’s not take into account production and were expected to be.

Of course possibly am not speaking clearly enough for it if I deliberately speak slowly and clearly I suspect the results are by far better than what I’ve been getting before. Or possibly not.

Possibly I’ll get far better results of some training although it does seem to be quite good at being in control windows using voice of mass keyboard. Although I wonder if I can say switched to Cromer without it actually doing anything. Maybe I can.

Experiment ends.

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