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I have ejected Three from my life.

Three are my mobile phone company. I switched to them last year because they were cheap, I wanted a snazzy phone, and they promised me I could go onto the interweb on it.

This was a slightly inaccurate communication on their point. In fact, it was a barefaced shiteating lie. I could go onto teh interweb, but I could only go onto teh bit of teh interweb who were paying Three to do so. This means I could download as many videos of Britney Spears as my bank account could handle, but couldn’t get at, for example, Google.

This is Not On, but they were cheap, and I could phone people on it, and I am well used to the moronities of mobile phones, and they promised, faithfully, on their mother’s life that they would be opening up the walled garden by December. It would all, indeed, be over by christmas.

People don’t want open access, that’s not what our customers tell us they want, [..] Anyone in their right mind who tries to do anything on the Internet with a screen that size has to be nuts. (Gareth Jones, chief operating officer, 3, NMA, Late 2004)

This was, apparently, another slightly inaccurate communication then. I slightly agree with that statement, for the record. I’m not really interested in surfing the web on a 2” screen. I am, however, very interested in using my mobile to connect my Powerbook to the world wide supernetwork.

That would be Neat.

And so, this afternoon, 24 hours after my contract with Three expired, I walked into Phones4U (who remain my Phone dealership of choice) and signed back up with Vodaphone (3G, this time).

I’m keeping my old number, but it’s going to take a little while to seep though, so for now I’m carrying two phones, which is odd.

The new phone is a Samsung Z500. I like it lots.

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