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I, Nicholas Avenell, being of over-stressed mind and ‘flu ridden body, do hereby and with this document update my website thusly.

I’m ill.

This isn’t fair. I never get ill. yet I remain shivering, and with a horrible sore thoat that leaves me feeling like I’ve been singing solos for hours without water. I don’t deal well with being ill.

A summery of my day so far, using my attempt to cook dinner as an example:
A diagram of my cooker, for referance (Side view):

|====  <--Grill
|   | <--The Oven
|   |
  • I turn on the grill
  • I play a level of Sheep
  • I realise that I left a loaf of bread in a plastic bag on top of said grill.
  • I lift said bag, to discover it has melted and printed “Tesco” all over my cooker. *sigh*
  • No, it doesn’t come off
  • Yes, the plastic did.
  • So I decide to fry some chicken.
  • The fire alarm goes off.
  • I give up and get take out.

On the other hand, I bought Sheep. Which I really shouldn’t have done. Oh well. Back to playing the games…

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