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I’m not panicked. Yet. Soon, I will be. I’ll be in full “I wish I’d started this earlier” mode. But there is a reason I didn’t, and that is that I have a tendancy to run when cornered. From deadlines, from situations, from people. It’s not something I like about me, I can get on stage and make a fool of myself in front of thousands, but a single person can cause me to run for the nearest exit. Anyway, so I havn’t done this project, because it was put-offable, and so I did. The *problem* with that is when I discover that the road to hell is paved with doing things late, and if all the preperation hasn’t been done, I’m screwed.

So I’m screwed 🙂

Well, not yet. But it’s possile.

Other projects (Aquarionics2, Project Cevearn, Gamabase) progress slowly. Mainly due to the fact I havn’t been here 🙂 and because I’m doing Uni Stuff. Honest 🙂

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