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So, my bank account being totally wiped out after last months rent, I’m back into the serious mode of jobseeking. This morning, Good Things happened, in the form of a package containing my watch arriving from home.

Then, two letters arrived. One contained a nice sum of money from my grandparents, which was very nice.

The other contained a mobile bill, and what with getting the house and everything I went slightly over my talk time last month. So my phone bill was… exactly the same amount as the money that had just arrived. Sixty pounds.

Typical, isn’t it?

Elseweb, Flash enabled people can spend an *awful* lot of time here playing some of the prettiest flash games I’ve ever seen, the Aquarionics Blogs thing (with some code ‘borrowed’ from yaysoft) is working, and the world isn’t a terrible place. Mostly.

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