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If something is going right first time, You made a mistake.

Yesterday my Sound-card failed in the most nasty and horrible way. It just stopped working with it’s drivers. This isn’t fatal, given my toolkit and the orginal CD I’m quite confidant that I can get it back into the land of the living, Sadly the original CD and my Toolkit are roughly 500 clicks from my current position. Thusly did I convince myself that I needed a new one. Shortly after this I realised I hadn’t payed my phone bill, and that I had just put in an order to Amazon. Thusly was my decision not to spend anything this week shot down in flames. 🙂

As the box to the right suggests, I have now completed EMI, and was about to buy Sheep but, due to leaving various small pieces of plastic at home, ie my Visa, I didn’t.

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