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The impossible database seems to be a hit, to a degree that is scaring me. I’ve just rewritten the cliques system to make it a bit more user-manageable, and some of the stuff I’ve learnt is going into the development snapshot of Klind. Bugs applenty, including the most silly one, which occoured when I searched the entire code, and completely missed where I had capitalised a variable. Argh.

Also in geekland this week, I upgraded my server to run Kernel 2.4.9, complete with iptables, USB support and SCSI emulation so I could get my USB camera and Zip Drives working. This has taken me almost a month now, on an occasional basis, because every time I compiled it, I got an INIT error. Which was because I had set it to compile for the wrong chip set.

So it worked, it comipled, and it was running just long enough for me to realise the server doesn’t *have* USB ports before I threw the thing accross the room

I’m missing Lonecat. She’s on IRC right now, but this has been the only weekend for a long time that I haven’t seen her. She appears to be having fun in Bath, and I wish I could go visit her, Argh my life sucks.

And Maybe? Maybe I’m screwed. I have to go see my bank manager about having my overdraft taken away. Bad Thing

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