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This is a David Eddings Fanfic, or the beginning of one
I’m bored.

Bored enough to write another story, yet not bored enough yet to do my
Uni Assignments. So here goes.

The story was started about two weeks before tEC4, at which I got
rechristened BelZedar about a month before I planned to do it myself.
(Sorry Ce’, you didn’t think I’d abandon Aquarion without thinking
*really* hard about it, did you? 🙂

The story still isn’t finished, and this is about half of it as
written so far. This is a request for feedback, because I’d like
people to say what they think, while there is still time for it to
change direction.

In true Eddings style, the story is designed to be read aloud. And in
true Aquarionic style, that is exactly what I have done 🙂

(This is how bored I am)

The Me Reading it file is available in many formats depending on
personal preference

Real Player download:
http://www.aquarionics.com/stories/afec/didyou.rm (330kb)

Real Player Streaming:

MP3 Download:
http://www.aquarionics.com/stories/afec/didyou.mp3 (2.5mb)

MP3 Streaming:

Oh, and text:

Did You Hear Something?
“Did you hear something?”
“Don’t think so, Maybe it was one of the horses”
“Could be. Personally I’ve never heard a horse make a sound like an
explosion up in the mountians, But that would be why you are the
Horseman and I am only the apprentice”
“Look son, There is no benifit in being smart with me”
“No. I can see that”
“Silence. Now, just get back to feeding the herd, and stop imagining
“Right then. If you want to leave the possibility of someone being dead
in the mountians, it’s up to you”
“Yes. It is. People in the mountians at this time of year know the
“So large explosions are a natural occourance in mountians, yes?”
“Just feed the horses.”
“If you say so.”
“I do”

It wasn’t an explosion in the mountians. Although it is true that a sufficently large explosion in the mountians would cause the bang to be heard by the Algar herds, that wasn’t it. It would take a /very large bang indeed/ for it to have come from beyond the mountians, from, for example, a valley.

It would have had to be sudden for something to suprise a group of
Or very, very slow indeed.
It would have to have been summoned over many, many decades by someone
who had nothing to do.

As slow, as patient, and as unstoppable as stone.

Stone. Stone was everything. Feeling the stone, the rock, the granite, the quartz, the bedrock below you, the chalk around, every pebble on every beach of every continant (which were themselves just rock) on an entire planet. Not just the solid rock. The liquid rock below, the ebbing, flowing mass of lava which lies, with unimaginable /potentiality/ beneath the foundations of every house, garden, palace, country, field, hill and mountian. Be kind to the rocks, they out mass you. And to one who knows rocks, can feel them sliding with painstaking slowness though every molecule of his body, you must be afriad. For if he manages to bring himself to understand the rocks, or for the rocks to understand him, the power of rocks, and the unimaginable power of the masses of land themselves, may be in his grasp.
And this is a world where a rock can also not be “just” a rock, may be a symbol, may be worth money if worked on.
/May Have Power/
But in the gazing at the rocks whose power is known, the potential power of other rocks is missed.

Not always.

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