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Gosh, isn’t networking easier when you just plug things in? Ah well.

You will require:

  • A Powerbook with bluetooth.

    Download the scripts, unsit them and dump them in /Library/Modem Scripts

    The easy bit is getting the Powerbook to talk to the Z500. You turn on Bluetooth on both and then “Setup Bluetooth Device” from the Bluetooth system preferences.

    You’ll need to tap in the security number the Powerbook gives you into the Samsung.

    The settings are as follows:

    Phone Number/APN: “internet”
    Username: “web”
    Password: “web”

    (note, these are for the UK Vodafone Live service. Ross Barkman’s site has listings for many others on his site. He is a god within our midsts and should be bought beer)

    The modem type is “Generic 3G CID #1”.

    That’s it, it should just work now.

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