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So today I had to do something I don’t like doing.

Dorfl came onto #afp. Dorfl is in Israel, and most of the time is an okay person, although a little quiet. The problem is that he has a little problem, in that he is physically incapable of discussing the war without going off on a cloud of persecution and reported facts of violence and evil, which is a shame, because he wants to talk about it.

And that wouldn’t be so bad, because it’s a discussion, and the world needs more discussion.

But he doesn’t, really. What he wants us to do is listen to his lectures, and then go forth to our respective leaders and threaten them with guns until they agree to… do something.

It’s now gotten to the point where people leave whenever he even mentions the word Israel, and so when he came in and mentioned an event (which sounded suspiciously like propaganda), he was warned not to start. Then he started, and was warned not to carry on. Then he carried on, and was about to kicked…

…when someone started discussing it with him.
Now, as much as he irritates me when he gets like this, kicking someone to end a monologue is one thing, but kicking when two people are actually talking is a Not Good Thing. But the two people were still arguing, and neither were backing down, and he was kicked, but auto rejoined, and re warned, and rerewarned…

Yeah, too many warnings, he should have just been kicked after the first, but it wasn’t a rant any more, although in order to have a discussion people have to present arguments instead of laying down the law and expecting us to agree. But people were now leaving the channel because of him, so I banned him – not kicked, but if he had been kicked he wouldn’t have been able to come back, I layed down a final warning (“Now, are you going to stop, or are you going to be kicked?”) and he left of his own accord, so I took off the ban.

Then I was attacked for, basically, censorship. I was told that people could have just ignored him (Not possible, really, he had totally dominated the channel with himself, people arguing with him, or people trying to shut him up) and that we (the people who kicked and tried to silence him) overreacted. I hold the view that when six people abandon the channel because of one person, it should be the other way around.

But then again, maybe I’m wrong.

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