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A decade of geek codes

Traditions are fun. Every two years for the past ten I’ve run though Robert Hayden’s Geek Code test (which hasn’t changed in that time). The rules are simple: I run it without looking at previous years tests. That’s it. I haven’t put it in this entry, because it’s slightly clearer as a text file

See my brief flirtation with Babylon 5 and X files! Watch as my dream of owning a mac comes true! Watch the ebb and flow of my housing situation! it’s like ten years of history in condensed form.

It’s a little scary.

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Geek Codes

Okay, scary “How long?!” thing coming up.

Today, following a tradition I started in 1998 with my first web page, I updated my Geek Code

You can see it, as well as the other updates down the years here

Watch as my age increases, my fervor decreases, and I care more about the X-Files.

Next time I update it? It’ll be ten years.


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Today is 20-05-2005.


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It’s half past ten. The Christmas dinner was a qualified success (A couple of things were a little overdone) and my new breadmaker is quietly cooling in the background. The Christmas pudding was set alight, and was gorgeous.

I have both port and stilton, new games to play, book to read (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell). In a couple of days we will be invaded by parents & possibly even siblings (who I haven’t seen since May), and a couple of days after that I’ll wander up to spend New Years with friends.

I don’t post enough when stuff is good and I’m not stressing, so consider this a “Life is good” post.

And, as a Christmas gift from my MP3 collection to you lot, a piece of festive family fun.

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Questions Asked Frequently

Where are you?
Busy. As the previous diary entries have mentioned in passing, I’m spending five hours each weekday commuting from Letchworth to Bedford and back. Since this starts at 6am and ends at 8pm, I have about two hours a day to eat, catch up on email/groups and not go insane. Everything except work and learning to drive is taking a back seat until I fix this mess.
Why does it take two and a half hours?
Because it takes half an hour to walk to the bus stop, ten minutes to get to Hitchin, twenty minutes before the bus to Bedford arrives, an hour to Bedford, and that gets me into Bedford half an hour before work. So it’s a combination of “Fuck of a long way” and “Lack of joined-up transport”. Incidentally, this takes me over three different bus company’s routes, meaning I can’t ever just buy one ticket.
The train, just for all the people who don’t belive I thought though all the possibilities before resigning myself to getting up at 5am, takes even longer and goes via london.
Going by car takes half an hour.
So why don’t you just do things at the weekend?
Ironically, that doesn’t work either. I can’t do anything that will catch anyone’s notice on the weekend, because it appears that most of my readership do so from work, and anything that appears on a saturday or sunday has completely fallen off the radar by Monday morning
So, what are you doing instead?
I am playing Neverwinter Nights, City of Heroes and various other things while at home, and reading the entire works of Agatha Christie during the ample reading time my life has offered me.
Don’t you find it ironic that your MP3 player – which kept you sane during the time you were spending two hours a day commuting to London – decided to join the choir invisible just before you started the new job?
Ironic is one word for it
You should buy an iPod
That is not a question
Shouldn’t you buy a replacement MP3 player, for example an iPod?
Yes, because I’m sure that County Properties will not mind if I don’t bother paying my rent for a month, after all, it is for a worthy cause.
That was sarcasm, wasn’t it?
Yes, Yes it was.
Well, if you’re going to be sarcastic, sod off and carve pumpkins, make pumpkin soup and pie, and do other halloween related activities
Thank you, I will.
By the way, is it true you went to a halloween costume party with a white sheet with eye holes in it, and went as a ghost?
Actually, yes, that is true.
Isn’t that a bit of a crap costume?
Well done, have a point. Lonecat’s costume was better
2004 Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth

Seven days remaining

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Twenty Three

It seems like only yesterday I was 22.

Oh, yes. Of course.

Being 23 is very much like being 22 so far, only with more cookies and less pasta.

And, of course, the startling knowledge that I am now offically closer to 25 than 20.

2004 Imported From Epistula Personal social

Short Notice Meet

The Time: 18:30pm GMT.
The Date: Monday, January 26th
The Place: The Green Man, Euston Road, London, England. (More info here)
The Reason: Guess
The Invite: If you can read this, you’re invited.

leave a comment here if you wish to warn me of your probable presence.

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Some time in the future, when I’m rich, famous and living in a huge mansion house somewhere, I shall declare January null and void.

I shall, on returning from whatever New Years party I go to, retreat into a room with a water supply, a kettle, a large amount of tea leaves, mug, sugar, spoon, a series of notebooks and a sofa.

This room shall already contain my music system and all MP3s.

I shall then emerge only for meals for an entire month. I shall not leave that room, save for meals & showers. The economy will collapse, world war three will start, end, restart, destroy life on this planet except me, and I shall remain in my room.

It will have a thick baize backing on the door, so I can’t hear anything.

This way, I shall avoid whatever January brings me. Because January always sucks. Nothing ever works, nothing ever suceeds, all that happens is things that once were good get worse, and things that were worse get life-threaterning.

Last year I dismissed it as karma, which was silly. It *is* karma, but dismissing it as such is depriving me of a study of exactly how much things can get worse when I don’t believe they can.

Last year I lost my job, almost lost a friend, lost my finantial stability, began the process of losing the one place I’ve activly enjoyed living in.

This year… well, I will laugh when it’s all over. Until then I shall content myself with this demonstration of this day:

Today we hosted a meeting for the DTi about BrowserAngel’s future, which was a positive meeting.

I left at 17:30. On the dot.

I arrived home at 19:25, having spent an hour on a 25 minute journey from London, because something went wrong with the train half way. The 18:00, which has about 50% more passangers than seats, so I was standing in the vestry.

We waited at the station.

And waited.

The train was broken, said the Train Manager, and whilst this had been fixed, the train had applied the emergancy parking brake.

Great. We couldn’t move because the driver left the hand-brake on.

It was fixed – by disabling the emergancy brakes, yay safety – and we moved on.

At 19:25 I got back. At 19:30 Adrian arrived, we were going to see Spirited Away. We got in. The movie started.

The movie continued.

The movie stopped making sense.

I wasn’t really suprised at this. I’m a low-level Anime fan, so I’m fairly used to Japanese animation making little to no sense for most of the movie.

This time the movie wasn’t making sense because the cinema had the reels in the wrong order.

So we got our money back and went home

I still would like to see the film, preferably in the cinema, but it’s coming on R2 DVD some time this year… (Yes, I know it’s out on R1, but I prefer to get R2 DVDs)

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Happy Birthdayish

I’ve been doing Aquarionics for four years.

This is the fifth year of me doing Aquarionics.

I registered on the 27th of December 1999 in the final act of a dying century, and uploaded version 1 to an IP address. DNS resolution started to happen on the 1st January 2000, when the first visitor who wasn’t me went to the site. This is where I count the founding of Aquarionics dot com from. That is where I drew the line in the sand.

This means that Aquarionics is the single longest project in my life. Ever. This is the thing, the only thing sometimes, that keeps me doing it. Because of the ammount of times I refer to this in my life. I don’t ever remember the exact date when me and LoneCat got together (It was the 27th August, I know this because I’m prefilling in my diary for next year) because I didn’t blog it. I was on hiatus. And I really regret that now.

The last few months have had a dearth of actual content, due to getting a job. With a bit of luck the three hours commuting that I’m doing at the moment will be cut by a third when I move in late January/Early feb. Moving house is one of those fun experiences famous for being one of the top five most stressful things you can do, and I’ve done it every year for the last five, in some form or other. From home to Sunderland, Halls to Flat, Flat back home again, Home to Cambridge, Cambridge to Reading, and now Reading to the wonders of Letchworth, I’m getting a little bored of moving house. The fact that – for all it’s design paradiems and madness – this site has been the most stable thing in my life is a little scary.

I hadn’t realised how much the commute was wiping me out until I sat down just before Christmas and actually sat down and coded for a while and got the architecture and design of the next phase of the site down in a couple of days, for the times, they are a-changin.

I’ve been dotting around this for a while, and there is no reason to really suspect that this won’t change before I get around to putting it all into place, but the site has a problem, and the problem is this:

Aquarionics is my personal site.

This means that anything I try to put on it for other people to do gets instantly lost in the all-pervasive “Aquarion’s Stuff”. One of the best parts of the site, as far as I’m concerned, is Forever an infinatly branching story system that began on May 23rd 2002 and currently has 672 parts in it. The last part was written in September. 2547 people have been though this site (uniques, measured by ip & user agent) in the last five days (When I started the statistics logging again), and not one has even visited that area of the site. This needs to be repaired, and repaired it will be.

So, the plan for the next twelve months is to get back into the swing of things, to write, to code, to live and to journal all this as it happens.

There will be new projects (And not just my own ones, Pol – who hosts AqCom – has launched his new reviews site Geekstuff, which I’m designing icons for and will be writing for just as soon as I find something worth reviewing…), old projects, borrowed projects and – because this is still me doing all this – blue projects.

And I will complete project Alice. Really. No excuses.

Coming up: Review of the year, Review of New Years Eve, Review of Return of the King.

Go Aquarionics.

Go Me.