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Some time in the future, when I’m rich, famous and living in a huge mansion house somewhere, I shall declare January null and void.

I shall, on returning from whatever New Years party I go to, retreat into a room with a water supply, a kettle, a large amount of tea leaves, mug, sugar, spoon, a series of notebooks and a sofa.

This room shall already contain my music system and all MP3s.

I shall then emerge only for meals for an entire month. I shall not leave that room, save for meals & showers. The economy will collapse, world war three will start, end, restart, destroy life on this planet except me, and I shall remain in my room.

It will have a thick baize backing on the door, so I can’t hear anything.

This way, I shall avoid whatever January brings me. Because January always sucks. Nothing ever works, nothing ever suceeds, all that happens is things that once were good get worse, and things that were worse get life-threaterning.

Last year I dismissed it as karma, which was silly. It *is* karma, but dismissing it as such is depriving me of a study of exactly how much things can get worse when I don’t believe they can.

Last year I lost my job, almost lost a friend, lost my finantial stability, began the process of losing the one place I’ve activly enjoyed living in.

This year… well, I will laugh when it’s all over. Until then I shall content myself with this demonstration of this day:

Today we hosted a meeting for the DTi about BrowserAngel’s future, which was a positive meeting.

I left at 17:30. On the dot.

I arrived home at 19:25, having spent an hour on a 25 minute journey from London, because something went wrong with the train half way. The 18:00, which has about 50% more passangers than seats, so I was standing in the vestry.

We waited at the station.

And waited.

The train was broken, said the Train Manager, and whilst this had been fixed, the train had applied the emergancy parking brake.

Great. We couldn’t move because the driver left the hand-brake on.

It was fixed – by disabling the emergancy brakes, yay safety – and we moved on.

At 19:25 I got back. At 19:30 Adrian arrived, we were going to see Spirited Away. We got in. The movie started.

The movie continued.

The movie stopped making sense.

I wasn’t really suprised at this. I’m a low-level Anime fan, so I’m fairly used to Japanese animation making little to no sense for most of the movie.

This time the movie wasn’t making sense because the cinema had the reels in the wrong order.

So we got our money back and went home

I still would like to see the film, preferably in the cinema, but it’s coming on R2 DVD some time this year… (Yes, I know it’s out on R1, but I prefer to get R2 DVDs)

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