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I’m finally signed on at the job centre, without any major problems. Hopefully this’ll follow the same track as Last time and I’ll be employed before my next appointment.

In other news, I made mince pies (We have spare mincemeat which LoneCat made for Christmas. Christmas 2002) and they would have been a lot nicer had I not burnt them. Nemind, the pastry was good practice for tomorrow, when I do something actually complicated.

LoneCat has discovered how nice our Friendly Local Neighbourhood Butcher is. We’ve been trying to find Sausagemeat – none of the local supermarkets seem to stock it this side of Christmas – so we asked them and they kindly sold us some. They did have to take it out of the sausages to do so, however. Nice people.

A couple of system updates:

  • Comments are now formatted using a subset of textile formatting (Previous formatting still supported, so as not to break every previous comment)
  • My automatic, Amazon querying, Far too complex for it’s own good “Currently Reading” section is back online. You’ll find it just under receont comments on the front of the front page. Next thing is to put that and the blink system into epistula properly so I can have a “What I was reading” bit on the archives as well as folding blinks into the main archive.
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