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I’m going to Durham, because there is a Durge Purge there, logically enough. Look at the time on this entry. I started it at 04:25.


This is a question I have been pondering since 0300, when I got up. Was forced up, as the car alarm of one of the other people who lives here went off. For the fifth time tonight.Grrr. So I am completely and irrevokably up. Too tired to do anything, too awake to sleep. Double Grr. So I have been playing with emulators. In fact, the thing that got me up was the thought that I could probably get a SNES to play Mario on (I didn’t ever have a console, but I do like the Mario games) when the idea hit me to play with these emulators. So I’ve spent the last hour losing at Mario World. Fun.

I think I’m going back to bed.

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