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Just. Got stranded in Durham at midnight when Emergancy Timetables screwed up my timetable something chronic. (Chronic, From Latin for time) Anyway. So I got home about half an hour later, and several pounds deeper in debt, having had to get a taxi home. *sigh*

But, I went to a Durge Purge, I got slightly drunk. I met people, I drank, I drew signs, drank more, did strange things to fluffy animals and pens (Sorry Jenny, if you are reading) and went home, and stood in a line of puking Durhamites for what seemed like a week, but was more like a hour.

So I spent today waking up with a headache (I *never* get hangovers. It must have been something I ate) and going to a production meeting for the AFP Movie, where I was made the production manager (Which involves shouting at people to get things done. Yes, Ha ha, Nick motivating people.
Ha, Go away now) and installing the 28megs (*blink*) of security updates for Debian that have appeared in the last week, and then fighting with Apache, only to discover that a) the package is currently borked, and b) something else I installed has disabled web access to my box anyway. Sigh) and being on IRC.

Busy day.

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