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Summer Holidays are here, and boredom sets in. Having spent yesterday working (if you’re new to this, I work as a tech insultant for a printing company, Working short hours for short pay-cheques) and finally walking away from the network with everything working as demanded (For the first time in the year and a half I have worked there) today has been spent… erm…

Try to keep track of a wasted day. Work out how it was wasted. What were you doing to waste it? I woke at 9am, and it’s now a quarter to four (I start working on these blogs many hours, and sometimes many days, before they get as far as the web site I post them from. I read a book. I received a mobile bill (Which is down 80% since I left uni. strange that 🙂 and my only job for today is to head into work and collect my pay-cheque.

The request for Feedback drew Three Whole Replies. For those who like to keep track of these things, and I was about to put a demonstration of my Web-site traffic report online, when Charlotte linked to me, and gave me 80 hits within one hour of posting, and several hundred by now I’d guess. I can’t tell, you see, because the server that does my Access Logs is dead. This may not be a good sign…

The link from TBC has gathered 234 hits. Which, incidentally, is currently over 10% of my total hit count for the past seven months. Seven months of writing, and 10% of my hits are generated by supporting one pretty lady in her forum. Betting that the people One link from her increases my hit count by 10%. In just over 24 hours.

I’m all depressed now.

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