Dark Light

Heya, Another day, another blog. Coupla things, firstly something The Webmisress said about Harry Potter, my reply “Yes, it is that important. Read the books, and you will know :-)” I strongly suspect that unless the entire back archive of visitors go to her site from mine she will never ever read that piece of text. But hey.

I’m stressed. I can’t tell you *why* I’m stressed either. For every thing I can tell the world and this blog, there are a number of things I can, or more precisely will, not tell. So i sit here, listening to MP3’s, drinking from my glass of wine, and wandering exactly what I can say.

I’m out of several loops. I don’t yet have the latest Harry Potter book, nor the new David Eddings as yet, so I a desperatly avoiding conversations about both on all the places I frequent. As Alt.fan.eddings takes a major chunk of this, it’s not easy. Then there is everyone on IRC saying how wonderful Diablo 2 is. Gah! I need more cash.

That, however, entails getting a job. Other than webdesign, that is.


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