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It’s 13:18. The database (which I have mentioned before, at length) has been fixed, now without spaces where no spaces ought to be. Unfortunatly, the version updated was approximatly two weeks before the last prototype. IE, before I’d written a single line of code, and before some more of the forms were in existance and… and…

And the thing I blamed on the spaces *still* doesn’t fscking work right.

And now I want to go offline and sleep. But I’m determined to get this somewhere, at least to the point where it was before Easter.

My MP3 player is in “Chillout mode” (Dido, Verve, Belle & Sebastian, Travis and some random calm tracks from various places), to try and keep my in the comatose state needed for Visual Basic Programming (As apposed to the “Whimsy” (They Might be Giants, Lots of Divine Comedy, Monty Python) stuff I was in last night and the “Everything” state it’s in normally). Music affects my life hugely. I have music on most of the time when I’m “working” or chatting, and esspecially Travelling (I have a 32 MB MP3 Player which I intend to upgrade. V Highly recomended) I’m listening to music. (Especially for this entry, I’ve updated the music section of Aquarionics, which has a list of all the MP3’s I have, which is most of the music I own).

Yes, I’m posting lots at the moment. There is a reason for this though, I’m making the transition back to living on my own after several weeks with family and occasional friends. It isn’t easy, and the fact that I’m being snowed under with work is both helping and hindering this. Helping, because I don’t have time to even think about stopping, and hindering because I can’t change the situation (By going and meeting real people for example, simply because I have so many projects here.

Having said that, I’ve also done some basic designs for some of the personal projects I intend to do over the summer, so work isn’t taking over completely 🙂

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