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Or, to give it it’s full title, Happy “we-thought-we’d-gotten-rid-of-those bloody colonials” day.

Yesterday I saw Shrek 2, and it’s Good, and people should go see it, although I’m not sure why they replaced Larry King with Jonathon Ross in the UK version, esspecially since King is still credited.

The viewing of Shrek 2 was at the end of a day exploring “Summer on Broadway” the annual Letchworth Garden City festival. In this case, it was like every suburban country fair ever, with a wind-blown stage under whose questionable security the local brass band wheezed though “Magical Disney” musical numbers. To be fair, they did do well on Mission Impossible. This was followed by LoneCat’s scottish country dancing group, in which I discovered that kilts look better than trousers when made in tartan. LC wasn’t dancing.

There was, however, an ‘Italian Fair’ thing where you could get fresh cheese, Proper Olive Oil pastrys and stuff. We bought pastrys, they were nice.

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