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So, an explaination for the last few days, then.

You may note that the last personal-type entry I wrote (end of November) resulted in me swearing at someone on my own site, which caused another of the great “What’s the point?” internal debates where I examine the possibility of competely shutting down the entire site, deleting the archives, and becoming a carpenter, or something.

I’m used to these outbursts, so I ignored it, and it went away. Not before I’d resolved to write a 25 part story, and dedicated the entire site to this ambision for the month, and that worked for almost a week.

Yet the last parr hung there, suspended, for over a week before this turned up. So, it appears that despite all the wonderful feedback the first few parts got, all it takes to completely crush every desire I have to finish the story is for a part to go out and get no reaction at all. (It was also being published on a newsgroup, and I really should know better than to rely on people for feedback, but hell)

The great shutdown of Aquarionics (The content is moving, more details when it’s happening) has begun, but I’ve decided to keep AqCom open while I do it. And go back to updating daily, I hope.

The latest new thing the site’s gained is that the linklog is back (Aquarionics has had a Linklog – off and on – since April 2000 (‘Cool, Cooler, Coolest’ – the original version – is – just – in the last 10 pages of the Blogger Directory. Aquarionics, which wasn’t a public blog, isn’t in that list. The list is no longer updated) (Actually, going though that list it’s depressing how many of the domains have been taken over by “Search Squatters”. sigh)

It’s temporarily called “Places to Go” has RSS, ESF & CDF feeds (I really should look at implementing Atom) and you’ll find it in the toolbar to the right of the front page (Pretty soon the archives will have blinks submitted on that day/month etc. too).

The first version of it, about two months ago, was an attempt to put blinks into the general epistula system, which meant I never updated it because I got lost in metadata, since an Epistula item has to have title, categories and all sorts of other stuff, plus can be commented on and stuff, so the effort of adding a link meant I didn’t. The new system has a bookmarklet, which asks me for title and comment and then posts it. Done. This is why there have been quite a few in the few days it’s been open.

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