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At half past 11, I logged off IRC, posted the next part of the AFPantomime, and decided to go to bed. As I got up, my eye was caught by the book that arrived this morning, Douglas Coupland’s “Girlfriend in a Coma”

“Ahh, yes” I thought, “I’ll start that”

So I started that, and was immediatly catapulted into the world of Jare, Richard, Kare and the rest of the people who make up the circle of friends the book follows.

And three hours later, I finish it.

Totally, completely and literally *unput-downable*, the vivid charectors and flowing, natural prose make the entire book incredibly easy to read, and most definatly difficult to stop. And as the lives of the major – and more minor – people evolve (Whilst others fail to evolve, but not in a shallow-character way), you are dragged kicking and screaming though the entire work.

Favourite bits will, as they do, reveal points of the plot, so I won’t go into great detail, but the finale is suitably dramatic. There are some points where referanced charector traits are established more by referance than by example – you have to take much of who people are by the description of others, which doesn’t really work optimally.

Still, it’s the first book for a while – Since Terry Pratchett’s Amazing Maurice, in fact – that I have genuinely been unable to stop reading.

Buy it. Now

Aquarion, 2:35am

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