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And now for something separate from your normal wibble:

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Thankyou. I needed that

Okay, a few updates. First, the reason for bounciness: What do you do if someone wants to ship the entire Monty Python box set from the states for you?

You say “Yes Please“. So, one at a time to avoid shipping stuff, 14 DVDs, containing every episode of MPFC, like, *ever*, is winging it’s way here, and the first one arrived this morning. Yay of much positive Yay-ness

In other news, The Buffy Season 3 DVD set is *also* winging it’s way though the British Postal System, which is also incredibly cool.

In order to get the first of those working, I’ve had to… er… “patch” my DVD player firmware to play Region 1 DVDs. This was an exercise in Fun-ness

Aquarionicswise, Stuff has been happening. After a discussion with ccooke about User Interfaces, and more specifically the problem with mine (There is no way to see if *this* was the most recent entry since last you visited) we now have an update. More specifically the big clunky box at the end (Which was making the page unreadable in 640*480 resolution) has been replaced by a much neater link, and somewhere to the right you can see a box which gives you a link to the last three entries). The cost of this was the “ooh, shiny” box, but I’m working on ways to put this in, probably by removing the compliance buttons.

Oh, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting the new 404 system in, so if you go to a link that isn’t there, the page gets Google to make an intelligent guess as to where you wanted to be.

Finally, updateswise, I’ve started the second part of Aquarion’s Story (Previously the AFPanto). I’ll mention when I’ve got the various bits online.

And Me? I’m still here, still procrastinating about finding a job, of which most of the above is a result. Lonecat moves back to Bath soon, which is Bad, but there is a Bathmeet soon also, which is Good. Unfortunately, if I don’t stop procrastinating soon, I won’t be able to make it. This is Also Bad, but not irreconcilable, since Lonecat will be at my Birthday Meet in Cambridge on the 26th.

So not bad, all considered.


17:00: Evening Post. Buffy Season III Arrives. Coobyebye 🙂


22:22: And, three hours of Buffy (Last two episodes of Season 2, plus first two of S3) makes you feel like a new man.
A slightly less sane version of the old one, actually.
A word to the wise, don’t mix Monty Python and Buffy. We are trained professionals here 🙂

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