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Wot I did this week:

(Proper Diary entries start again tomorrow, Promise)


Decided that I didn’t go enough movies, and randomly decided to go see one. Took a train to High Brooms (30 minutes) and then walked to the Cinema (One Hour) in the hottest day of the year so far. Saw Evolution. It’s not too bad, although the whole thing is a ninty minute advert for… er… Something I won’t spoiler.


Decided that I didn’t go enough movies, and randomly decided to go see one. Took a train to Maidstone and then walked to the Cinema in the hottest day of the year so far. Saw Shrek. Shrek is fantastic. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The extent to which it takes the micky from Disney is *wonderful*. I emerged from the cinema singing the final track, which is a rendition of I’m A Believer by the wonderful Smash Mouth. Anyone who doesn’t, should do. And that applies both to seeing the movie, and singing the song. Damnit. I mean, I’ve seen it three times now, and am *still* finding new things… uh-oh… broken flow of narritive. Quick! The next topic!


Thursday was fun. I went to Linux Expo (Aquarionic Designs reserected for the benifit of a free ticket, but is about to be founded in it’s own right for freelance stuff). I now have updates for all the major distros (Apart from Slackware and Debian, which are the ones I was looking for. *sigh*) Found Darren Bean (of the infamous Userfriendly Party Picture fame), and proceeded to go for a drink. Geeked. Ate Pizza. Had fun. Went home.


*Finally* set up the 1000 Elephants Bank Account. Made T-Shirts. Played with networking stuff (New bits arrived). Had large arguments with siblings who don’t understand my objection to IPX (And therefore an instant Half-life/Counterstrike network) Organised Saturday


Went to London to meet Lonecat. Met (eventually). Found Forbidden Planet (Eventually). Queued, and got into the shop (Eventually), after randomly meeting Eric and Kevin from AFP (Completely seperately). Met Neil Gaiman, Spoke of Weblogs (both his and mine (Clue: You’re reading it) and the Blogger system that drives them both. Got his new book (To Nicholas, Dream Dangerously). Geeked websites with Eric and Kevin, and had lunch. Thanks to Lonecat and Chris, I got crash space at Chris’s house overnight, So we wandered onto the tube to get to the wonderful world of Camden, where we met up with Chris and a couple of his friends and went to see Shrek. Again. Emerged from that (It’s fantastic, Go see it) singing, Again, and back to Chris’ house to sleep ready for the audition on the morrow.


Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Don’t smoke, somebody spoke and I went into a dream.
Breakfast, then a wander to Goodge Street Station for the Audition. Found Eric (Jarvis, Director of the AFPMovie Project) outside, and went upstairs to wait for people…

…who were already there. Scary. Anyway, Did bits of a Play by Steve Patterson. A good audition (From both an Auditioner and Auditionee POV). It’s *going* to happen! Yay!
Bought Buffy 2 DVD set. *BOUNCE*

Mobile runs out of batteries.

After the audition we went to a pub, where it was noted that my shirt had an element of strokeability about it.

That above sentance involved proving it to various present, so I spent a while being stroked by females present. Pictures were taken. I will continue to claim innocence…

Saw Shrek (again) with the good people of AFP, and came out singing I’m A Believer. GO SEE IT. NOW

Am invited to stay another night at Chris’ with a view to going to a Karioke event on Monday night. Agreed. Watched a The Doug Anthony All Stars video, resolved to find more of it. Slept.


Spent an entire day watching various random films and fun things with Lonecat. A Good Day.
Wandered over to the pub for the Karioke, and failed to sing. This is good. I hereby thank lonecat for stopping me. Although I have now sang at Afpers, who will now understand why I haven’t sung at them on MP3 yet. It’s a long time since I could sing properly 🙁


Awoke. Said goodbye to Chris, walked with Lonecat to the station, and then fought London home, and told my parents where I had been for the past four days…

I had post.

The post was my results from my HND.



And I’ve failed.



I failed (of all things) the module I fluked the second assignment for, by not doing the first. (I failed to hand in the first assignment at the beginning of January. They’ve had Seven *MONTHS* to tell me I’d have to redo the fucking thing, you’ve have thought that even fucking Sunderland could have fucking done somefuckingthing in that time, but they prefer to leave me to be fucked slowly over a seven fucking month period.

Can you tell I’m irritated about this?

I’ll have to do some coursework for the 27th August. *sigh*, at least it’s after all hell has broken loose.

I can’t even pass a fucking HND, what hope have I in the real world?

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