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Things I’m Doing:


Aquarionics 2 now has a project name, an aim, and a NeatoCool idea. As soon as I get Klide (The Diary system) working, this blog should be moving to a new server. Fun Fun Fun…

Project Sacrifice

Project Sacrifice is to set up a box with Debian Linux as a gateway for our home network. It exists, and is working as a cache. Now all I have to do is make it a gateway…


…is only a week away. Must look at tickets… must remember books… must remember alcohol…

Linux Expo

The Linux Expo 2001 is today and tomorrow, and I intend to be there tomorrow. Report then.

The Movie

Events have conspired to stop me creating the bank account, or mocking up the T-Shirts. I will do both by Sunday (…or I will be murder/death/killed

American Gods

Neil Gaiman signing on Saturday. Me and Lonecat are going. Must remember that as well…


Only a few weeks to go… must get T-Shirts sorted…


Ye Gods. Don’t even want to *think* about that yet.

Still no results. Now panicking. If they’ve sent the certificate to the wrong address, murders will happen.

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