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Gosh. Exclaimation marks too. And snowflakes. I spoil you, don’t I?


There is only thing worse than a personal website that is purely to stroke the ego of the webmaster, and that’s a site that is purely to stroke the ego of the webmaster, and yet has no content at all. This, in my case, is mainly because the Content Management System (Klind) has been down for a while, so all the content has been out of action for a short while.

I promised to put all into the new nodes section, but that’s not really very helpful at the moment is it?

Say “no Aquarion

So I’ve put a smaller version of Klind, in fact just a few lines that display the files, up. You can get to it by clicking on the “nodes” in the menu, or by the word Klind in this sentence.

Oh, and I have an Admin Section. And it looks like it was designed on a BBC Micro. But deliberatly!!

Ahem. Sorry…

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