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Heya. I'm back sitting in the webcafe somewhere in the depths…

Heya. I’m back sitting in the webcafe somewhere in the depths of Deepest Darkest Sunderland. Welcome to hell.

Yesterday evening, for the first time this Milleniuum, I went out and got Very Drunk Indeed. This was assisted by the rest of the Drama Society, and a large number of cocktails (Teqilla Sunrise is the nectar of the gods) before staggering back to my flat at 2am.

This morning, natually, I had a headache. Just the thing to go to a lecture on IT Ethics suffering from. We watched a summery of an Outer Limits ep. called I, Robot and then had to analyise it for “Ethics”. Fun.

Then I discovered I had passed an assignment. Yay.

Then I went home. Yay2

Now I’m here.