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Apparently, according to Political Compass I’m a left-leaning liberal. As it says here. Fun.

A few updates then, since I’m bored. Still househunting, still job-seeking (although there is a nice lead on a 10 week webdesign contract, which would be cool) still wishing for a faster connection. Still waiting for Woody to be released so that I can get the CD or DVD or something and re-install the server. Trying to get to Durham for the Goodbye Mary meet on the 8th, and other such fun things.

Forever seems to be populer, and I’ve been asked to release the source, so I might just get a more independant version out sometime soon. Until then, I’m off tomorrow for a Eurovision meet, which should be fun, and will have lonecat there. Coolness.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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