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Judging by yesterday’s reaction, I should whine more often. I get more reaction that way… 🙂

More new stuff, and mega new stuff at that. I have taken the great leap forward, and opened up the Aquarionics Accounts system for the public to join. You too can now have an account on Aquarionics. It doesn’t get you email, it doesn’t get you chicks, but it does get you a sense of wellbeing and a warm glow… But beware, the new member form is possibly kinda flakey, it’s only there so people can get accounts for…

I look around my home directory, and I see a folder. It is not a small folder, it is not a dainty folder, it is labled Projects, and is a graveyard of all the things I’ve never had time to finish. In it is the short-story archiving site, the long-term plans for NSD, Nomical (the first version), Even going back to the universe in which Project ANN never came out of, and I saw an idea filed under “things to learn PHP with”. It was a continuous story, in the vein of the addventure, but in PHP and MySQL.

To cut a long story shorter, I’ve coded it, you will need an Aquarionics Account to write entries, but you have one of those already, don’t you? No? Get one then. And then go on to

Forever, The Continuous Story Thing

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