Dark Light

Donnie Darko

Er, the rabbit, and the weird stuff, and the decent soundtrack but the movie didn’t actually convince me to give a damn about anything. There was no real threat, I didn’t care about what happened, and didn’t even finish watching the movie.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season One, episode One.

As above, minus the rabbit.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Go? See! This: Movie.

It’s beautiful, it’s haunting, It’s Jim Carrey acting – which is good – and its artistic direction is so absolutely wonderful that there are no words to describe it. it shows, not tells, what is happening. See this movie.

Hustle: Season One.

I like heist films, I like banter, I like this.

The Italian Job

As a heist movie, it’s pretty good and contains some well crafted – if not stellar – performances.

As a remake of the original, it stinks to high heaven. Pretend the title’s different.


Hated the main character, didn’t get beyond the first episode.

Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead



I rented this one purely on the basis of seeing the trailer somewhere else, and I’m glad I did. it’s got some wonderfully done artistic sequences, and some good bits. It’s a little jumpy in places, but that’s a side effect of telling 25 years of story in two hours.


Okay, not a movie, but since Mouse is the first person apart from family and Tom from work to see the inside of FT1 I thought it warranted a mention.

Yay people.

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