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So, today I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was funny and clever and referential (Though it didn’t reference its own name, which is a name for James Bond, which amuses me). It ignores the fourth wall on occasion, it’s well written and well plotted, and recursively referential.

This has no relation to the fact that Ruthi was watching the same film at roughly the same time, but does get filed under “scary coincidences”.

Today, my egg timer stopped.

Part of my tea making equipment – along with mug, teapot, small milk jug, battery powered slave to pick the leaves, leaf drying equipment and kettle – is a small egg timer, used for the timing of eggs. Also tea. It is not called a tea timer, because a tea timer is either for timing the time until tea or one who is going to tea because it is the correct time, so the thing that times the tea is an egg timer to tell me it’s tea time.

Do pay attention.

Now, I need a tea timer because I have the attention span of a butterfly on cocaine, and as I explained at length last time I need some thing to remind me that I am in the process of tea creation. So I boil the kettle, prepare the pot, pour in the water, turn over the egg timer, and go back to what I was doing (Which, serendipitously, is text formatting without HTML, the same thing I was working on when I wrote the original article).

After a few minutes of trying to work out why AqWiki keeps crashing out with out of memory errors with the new Textile version (Quick précis: It’s entirely insane) I realise that I should have dealt with the tea thing, glance at the egg timer and realise it’s still about halfway down.

Hmm. I’m pretty sure more time has passed than that, so I look a little more carefully.

The egg timer has, indeed, stopped. I realise this straight away.

Well, I don’t. First I look at the nearest real clock to make sure that time hasn’t just suddenly stopped, but in my defence I was reading comics most of last night and it was my first cup of tea of the day after a night of increasingly weird dreams. But then I knew it had stopped.

There isn’t much more to that, really. I disposed of the cold tea and made hot coffee instead. Time went faster after that.

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