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For the last couple of hours, Aquarionics has been using Jim and Lissa’s TexilePHP system, which is a conversion to PHP of Brad Choate’s conversion to Movable Type of Dean Allen’s textile system (Once relased on its own, now part of Textpattern).

It’s the same system as AqWiki uses for text formating, and I used the Jim and Lissa version because it supports multiple paragraph blockquotes. (I actually installed the Jim and Lissa version for the last entry about City of Villains, because it needed a multiple paragraph blockquote).

I’ve removed it entirely from every single project I have.


Because it pushed the memory usage up by over megabytes.


The server has a limit of eight for PHP connections. Epistula, which is reasonably complicated, clocks in at 3.5 (Far less when visiting a cached page), AqWiki without textile is 1.9 – mostly due to the Pear stuff. But good grief. Textile was taking up more memory than the entire Epistula system, doubled.

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