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Happiness is someone elses thoughts. I’ve been writing all evening, so it looks like you’re going to get a full diary entry as well as the new story.

I’ve been catching up on diaries, most of which are on Livejournal, because for the last couple of weeks I’ve been too wraped up in my own lack of life to bother about other peoples. Sorry. The only person to have any idea of it is Liz, who accidentally caught the tail end of this depression in query a couple of days ago, It’s nothing new, just futility of existance and the fact that nothing is really happening.

But I digress.

I confess that of the multitude of diaries I link to, the only ones I really stay current with are the ones to the right (Most of which, you’ll notice, aren’t really actually diaries) and about half the list of links (Liz, Ruthi, Rachel, Sam, this means you, plus others). And all of the pure diaries I do keep up to date with are on LJ, however, this gives me Kid-inna-window syndrome. Standing in the snow, gazing though the glass at the party going on inside, because all of the Livejournals are interlinked, and commented on each other, and everything. I really shouldn’t complain, because you may have noticed the small group of sites that seem remarkably similer, but the fact that most of my friends are sitting inside their cozy LiveHaven whilst I’m out in the street hasn’t escaped me.

I also find it really facinating that the “add comment” page has gathered 12664 reloads since febuary, whilst there have only ever been 260 odd comments made.
So am I going to pack up my archives and move to LJ? Doubt it. I’ve spent too long writing this website to abandon it. I could make Aquarionics some kind of diary community for friends, but then they’d have the same thing with their friends in LJ as I do with the large proportion of mine.

I suppose it’s another audience thing, the site gathers 200 unique visitors every day, which even given dynamic IPs is not too bad. Someone out there must be reading this shit, and it seems like everyone else is getting some kind of feedback.

Maybe I should get an LJ, then I can find out if I’m on Rachel’s List or not.

Sorry for ranting.

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