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It’s been a productive weekend.

LoneCat has done tidying, and I have assisted. I have made Pie (of all of Easter, Apple, and Chocolate derivations), read books, reformatted and reinstalled my Windows XP install, and even completed a project (The largely ignored Mockingbird’s Wish, below).

I’ve abstracted the data layer from the logic layer in AqWiki, and fixed all the bugs I could find that this caused, I’ve finished the SQL version of the Cantrip (Previously “PFD4-II”) data structure (more on that when I’ve actually used it). I’ve installed a Playstation Emulator, played Final Fantasy 8 for a while, and then dumped both on the grounds that playing a 60 hour game is bad enough, but having to play each second twice because the emulator crashes is beyond the pale. Especially if you have a working PlayStation downstairs.

I’ve archived four years of projects, sites and ideas into a new structure, cleared four entries off my “Long Term Tedium” todo list, fixed a number of logic bugs in my mail setup, written the outline for the second major section of the Novel Known As Final Frontier and named some of the the ships within it.

I’ve even worked out the motive for the protagonist of Toffia, and that’s been bugging me for years.

I’ve half written a LotR parody in which the ringwraiths visit a lost property office.

But mostly this weekend I have been obsessively compulsively worrying about how I did in the interview on Friday, and checking my mail every three to five seconds to see if an offer got lost in the post.

But that was just displacement activity, obviously.

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