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Okay, New incentive to actually write stuff.

Okay, New Stuff, as you may have noticed, has magically appeared down the right hand side. You now have access so some of the cooler features of the Klide engine, the last five Shiny Things I have been drawn to, some things I want – nay, *need* – and a few new obsessions.

Also, thanks to Norman De Forest who – without realising it – gave me the solution to the HTML problem I had (Ampersands (&) aren’t legal in URIs, but are necessary to pass multiple variables to CGI scripts, so all the “reply” links broke the HTML4 compliance) So there are quite a few behind-the-scenes changes, mainly that the navigation image is now one image (It was three, but it’s now one, because it doesn’t increase the load-times much and stops the site breaking NS4 completely), we are now WAI (Web Accessibility), CSS (Cascading Style sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and P3P (Privacy Policy) compliant, which are all the technologies I’m using. I’m sure someone will pedant my CSS or HTML usage now, but it works damnit 🙂

Aha, Christmas, yes. Presents are mostly listed in the “Shiny Things” to the left. Much Chocolate, also CDs, More Chocolate, Sweets, Books and Toys. My mum got a Bread maker, my brother a PS2, and my other brother a day at a Skid-pan to destroy cars in the safety of experts 🙂

The family isn’t failing to speak to each other, but my plans of maybe going to the Huntingdon Meet have been dashed against the rocks of reality, since we are now going to my Aunt’s to see Cousins. They have asked for the Dog to come along, and I really, really doubt their house is Jasperproofed. This could be fun.

So tomorrow I’ll be dealin’ with four year-olds on wheels (They got bikes for Christmas. Yay).

Small shock, but I actually like small children. Other peoples’, anyway. Kids you can put in a box and send home at the end of the day 🙂

Happy Holidays, flocks.

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