Dark Light

Minor redesign, more code based than render based, but it takes the new design from black & grey to white & grey which has made some people happier. It also makes it look less like a friends currently under-construction redesign.
Minor modifications to the code allow me to have separate banners for separate sections, which is good, because we have two new sections.
Sort of. Neither of them are particularly new, but both have been reorganised somewhat. The first is links, the Kewl driven links database system; the second is code, containing various projects source repositories, including the current code for Epistula (which now includes my XML-RPC server, which does pingback), the recently-mentioned tell-winamp app, Quoth, and the system I use for the “listening to…” box to the right, winampthing. More stuff probably coming as and when I get around to packaging it, including the source to the recently updated forever continuous story system. Busy Busy Busy…

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