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Lonecat has moved into Project Geekhouse. (LoneCat, for those who are new to this, is my girlfriend of a year and a bit), Not that this is a real excuse for a couple of days of lack of entries, but it’s a start…

For some of the actions in the complete and ongoing RSS saga (such as swallowing the idea of the RSS2 spec and then carrying on developing it under closed doors, completely ignoring the people who had developed part of it, just the crime he accused the RSS-Dev team of doing). I am firmly against stretching standards to be something they weren’t originally designed for, and some of the new specs for RSS seem to be losing simplicity over gosh-wowness. So I’m sticking with 0.92.

Having said that, I’ve finally started writing Epistula as itself, rather than a constant development on the old Klind/Klide/Kewl/Knave system. Epistula is a class-based extendable content management system. It contains a complete weblogging system, but also includes the link management capabilities, article development systems, and other NeatoCool systems that already exist in the current code base, but are poorly integrated. Most of today has been spent getting CVS working and looking at DocBook, and what with that, Nomical and ACDS (the new NSD type thing), I’m a little busy at the moment. Note that when I’m unemployed, nothing happens. When I have a job, stuff is coded. Odd, isn’t it?

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