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I spent yesterday waiting for my computer, going to a Group Meeting, and then playing Kings Quest VII

Notice the complete lack of recieving/writing cards, Uploading depressing poetry to the website, or getting Very Drunk Indeed. All reactions to 1402 previously encountered. This is probably a Good Sign. Yay.

I’m not on IRC due to lack of finances (I have to go on from a webcafe ATM), not on news due to lack of connectivity at home (They sent the modem, but not the plug for it), not on email due to same (Uni proxy server kills the Aquarionics Webmail system) and not playing Counterstrike because I’m crap at it. Instead I’m playing Kings Quest VII and Planescape:Torment, in the hope of completing one or the other before I get back online.

Also, I am now the finantial controller for a new company, Alpha Software, founded for peace, justice and the British way. And because of a University Group Project. I have the Cash Card. Scary.

I’m also late for a lecture. TTFN

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