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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to graduate season.

Graduate season is a special, special time in the lives of job-seekers everywhere, because it decides that reason that they will never get a job ever has changed, for as of Monday morning, every job application that once required “3 years commercial experience in Web Development” now requires no experience at all, but instead requires “A recent degree (at least 2:1) from a high-class university”.

So once again the fact that I can actually do any of the jobs I apply for is eclipsed, not by the fact that I haven’t got commercial experience doing so, this time, but by the fact that I left university after I started having bottles thrown though my window.

But obviously I’m imagining this, as Tony Blair said that there are increasing employment opportunities for people in IT.

So I’m imagining it. (Though the Register doesn’t think so). Apparently there are loads of jobs out there, and if I’m not getting them, I must be doing it wrong. Like, I dunno, applying for them or something.

Today marks five months since my contract at the last work place was discontinued with less than a weeks notice due to circumstances beyond my employers control.

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