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So, why so much geek-stuff? Well, reasons are three-fold.

One: People are doing ESF things, which makes makes me happy, which makes me feel I should be doing more cool things. Part of this week has been spent redoing the input system for Epistula, meaning now I can add the location information.

Two: One of the blogsphere’s I read has just gone back into navel-gazing and syndication-gazing mode, so I tend to react. The second and third appear to have gone on hiatus all at once, with few exceptions.

Three: I haven’t been out of the house in days. Partly due to illness, mostly due to not actually having any reason to. I shall now Make An Effort.

Reasons why there will be less geek-stuff in future:

One: I’ve now got a routine for writing real things, so stuff is happening, just not being posted.

Two: The chair that came with the house is about four inches too short for my desk, and non-adjustable. I didn’t notice this until my RSI started returning, so enforced absence may happen until I can fix this.

Three: Black hole syndrome. Not sure why.

As soon as I get a life, I’ll write about it.

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